Assalamualaikum, if youre a blogger neither a new one or legend one, want to know the tips to improve your writing skills, then youre in the right place! Im very happy to share the tips to everyone who just want to start blogging.

Writing a post, is like all other writing, it is a skill. To keep readers interested, excited, focused about your post (any post), you need to think about the structure of the writing as beginning of paragraph, body paragraph and conclusion. The beginning and the ending must to be bomb! If people easily to understand your text, probably they will liked, comment, and share to other people. So we directly provided a very good content to other people to read more. In order to improve your skills and ranking in Google, you should definitely try to maximize your writing skills!

Based on the other writing, SEO analysis teach us how to write attractive and to attract your audience. And to make sure that your audience received the message from your writing. Besides that, we used to learn how to use PAIBOC which is purposes, audiences, information, benefits, objections and content. It will lead you to write purposely, and also can be used to manage and organize for your interviews.

Here the tips:
1. Think before you right!
There you go! Think hard before you want to spreading the content. The tittle of a post need to be suprisingly and attract the readers. For example, "how to..", "Tips to...". If you as a reader, and searching for a new things, so you will always used the clue word like that for easily searching. Then, create the content intereting, brainy, and relevant! Avoid from using the short form word or rempit word, "aQ nucK MuckAn" are trash! Think about your target audiences or readers. Reader comes from various ages. People nowadays love to read the global and hot issues or general knowlegde post.
2. Make more friends with blogwalking and comments!
 Comments and blogwalking are the most important thing for a blog, it’s link the wood for the fire, it makes the blog more interactive and full of life. For me, I love to receive more comment or blogwalking from a new blogger. We share opinion and having a new relations. We need to spent time for more blogwalking other blogs and leaving a lovely comment of each their posts.

3. Let other people read your post
 Before publishing your post, let someone else read your post first. Ask him/her whether he understands the main idea of your post. Correct typos and sentences that aren’t formulated correctly.

4. As a new blogger, you've got a huge advantages
I know we all want to be a lot further down the road than we are, but you are where you are, so embrace it. Don’t get caught up in having everything “just so” or making sure everything is “just right.” 
One of the greatest things about starting a blog is that you can make all kinds of mistakes and it doesn’t matter because no one is reading it yet anyway. 
Sure, you could focus on the fact that you don’t have a lot of followers at the beginning. Or you could focus on the fact that you have a lot of freedom.

Amira Syukrina