When it comes a new year, as a normal human with a lot of sin and bad in the past year, we always hope hope and hope more more and more that we will changed into a good or better person. Every year also, when a new year comes around the corner, we already had a wishes, hope, and a new year's resolution. Also me, I have my new resolution and some of others resolution are resolutions from previous years. I will explain later, k. 

But, when comes to the end of the year, I always feel sad because (this is how i feel lah), yeah you know, every each day, that will be one day that I will reminiscent the mistakes and what i do in the whole year, bad and good things, what i have done for myself and family....time wasted too much....
At that day, i feel that im including the losssssers......

Hopefully, this year, 2018, I wish everyone surrounding me in a good health and wealth, improving ourself to be better person, good attitudes, less sin upgrade pahala insyallah.. I will share a few moments that i still shock about lah.. At that time I was in Unimas Sarawak, for sure and obviously, is faaaaarrrrrrr away from my family and related. You know, in one month I receive shock message from family that both uncle passed away in a week, both nenek sedara, and makcik sedara. Thus, I always pray that parent, siblings, and others panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu. Please take of yourself since im away everyone :') 

In 2017, Since I was at Sarawak, I boros. Full stop. Actually im not boros at others thing lah, just makanan lah. everyday i makan doh. How it can be stop, makanan shoo sedap. Rezeki jangan ditolak, bala jangan dicari. Jangan sampai nikmat makan dah tak ada baru nak makan. Aicehh, tersasar. and also, in 2017 I still gemok debab, ofcourse its the same resolution for every year, bila tah nak stop resolution (dah kurus), and lastly, solat jangan lambat, cepat-cepat jangan lambat-lambat by Sajat. And solat jangan tinggal, Quran selalu baca, jadikan dia sebagai sahabat paling rapat, sebab dia yang tolong kita, bukan korang korang yang baca, bukan aisya bukan alya bukan angah bukan umi abah bukan korang. Hahaha gurau.

Hope everything goes well, Hope everything okay, please take care of me if im lame and default. Insyallah, Bye :)