Assalamualaikum, happy new year and happy 2018 👩. Im glad to be here with a incredibly awesome life and great people. May Allah bless us always in a new year. Ill back again after a long time did not post any entry. Busy unilife aiceh 💬. Before I go more nonsense, i will sharing some story, information, tips, or anything blah..blah...blah to ofcourse posting. Nothing much in 2017. Surrounding with the great friends and in good condition alhamdullilah.

Back to 2017, in September

4 September if im not mistaken lah, start to be Unimas student offcially, and everything going smoothly. syukur. First week, we had a MAP for short (MAJLIS ALUAN PELAJAR) for new student like us lah kan. Sing a song, sing more sing and sing...... plus dance. Nothing else. But yeah interesting lah. Have a good roomate and housemates 😎🙋🙎....

Maybe thats all. Sebab dah lupa semua situation but i will share some memories "Hanya gambar yang akan membuktikan adanya sesuatu memori" Aicehhhh 💬