Hello and assalamualaikum everyone. Today i would like to share something good topics (maybe) for you guys. Since, you guys are blogger, so its really-really-really related to you. Its about BLOG VS VLOG. Sincerely, i love both. I love read(not much but ill try) and watch video. Okay, this is not a fraud okay. I bet and i swore i love both! The aim of this entry is to show you guys a few differentiates between blog and vlog since i love both. I have my own reason, why i love blog and why i love vlog. I bet you guys, love both too, right? it will be a very long blog, sorry. Lets start shall we?

Introducing, blog which is a short name for web blog. I dont why. Blog act like typhically combined teks, image, video and other websites. There are two types of blog, which is common blog and personal blog. I am personal blogger. Ok, common blog which is you cant comment or blogwalking something because its common haha like berita harian blog. Personal blog banyak. Just like you my reader.

While vlog which is a short name for video plus blog becomes vlog. makes sense right? My definition sorry haha. Vlog contains a person who talk to much and then just editing the video from a long video to short video. And its part of personal vlog too. its about someone's daily life but in videos version. Thats all i can say.


People use to call a person who makes a blog vs vlog(similarity)
As you all know, in english we used to call a person who have a job or someting, we need to add "ER" at their last name. For example, job-police. So we call them a policer. A teacher, fighter, loser, bomber(haha), winner, fisher. So same as people who are makes blog and vlog. We call them a blogger and a vlogger. I am a blogger. (Because i have no idea haha still make sense kan?)

Blog and vlog have the same topic which is tutorial or giveaway or show off(Lels). Joke. But in different ways. We have the same concept and need to think the ideas to blog and vlog.


(Stop for a while, solat) Continues. So i already listing a few differences but the disappointing is i just found only 4 differences (dah banyak lah kan?) haha. If you know more, please comment down below. I have no idea act haha. 

#1 Editing
Its really a clear differences.
Blog- Which you all know, blog have a page that we need to editing, makes your page or websites more cute, beautiful, elegant, cheerful like mine right? You want to put this, you want to put that. You want to add this, you want to add that. So that, readers would like to read your blog and always visit your blog, perhaps. You makes your blog more glittering, glowing and blooming like a flowers in the garden, man. So everyone addicted to read and visit your blog. Just like a flower, addicted to smell them. (takkan nak bau awak kot) 
Vlog- I dont know much how they editing the video. But based on my research, they do the video, on and off like you have a good precious moment to vlog in a day. Then, they need to combine all the video and do some editing like put a sticker like that, filtering, put some subtittle or description and put the audio or song becomes one video. They used an apps to edit. Then publish. Thats all. Simple no trouble. Soo chilling. 

#2 Talent
There are two talent we can found in each blog and vlog which is speaking and writing. You can improve your bahasa or english with blog and vlog. Lets go!
Blog- Basically, blog just for writing. I never found any blog thats put audio (like you talk or bebel in blog) on it. If you makes one, you soo powerful. Do the challenge haha. Actually you can improve your writing either bahasa or english, in best proper. For me, when using bahasa in my writing, looks like i am rude because i use bahasa pasar maybe. But when using english in writing, i becomes an angel, very kind, good manners and more polite. (Hahahahaha) you feel me? Im bad in english, but not so bad. So when i writes in english, i need to open a new tab which dictionary english to malay and dictionary malay to english. I use both. Sometimes i know the words in english but doesnt know in malay. (Whut?) Thats how i improves my english as well. (one of the ways)
Vlog- when comes to vlog, more focus on speaking. They speak in both language Malay and english. I loves watching vlog in english version. Which i used to improve back my english speaking. I loves to watch Cupcake Aisyah 's vlog. she is a youtuber and influencer. She uses really-really simple word and sentences that we can understand extremely clear. She speaks in nice tones and so fluently. You guys need to watch the vlog. I bet you guys will like it so much! Other than that, Ridhwan Azman 's vlog is one of my favourite youtuber. He is singaporean. I adore his english. And it provide a subtittle in each videos (subtittle in english). So you can listening and reading. 
"But some people who are fluently speaking, not necessarily good in writing, But some people who are good in writing, they can speaking but not fluently but practice makes perfecto" (So many but)

#3 Viewer&Popularity
Viewer, a batch of human who are gives feedback and always judging people(hhahaha). You need a feedback from what are you done before. Same as like you wearing a new shirt or stuff then you show to someone, for what? For a feedback like "is it okay or not?" "is it good for me?". 
Blog- as you can see in your dashboard (Post), you can see so many eye next to comment symbol. If im not mistake, the eye shows that how many people read your blog. It takes so long long time to reach a big and huge K (100k). You need to be patient okay? You have to be greatful hahaha sebab ada jugak orang nak baca. Even, you appeared in newspaper, i bet no one know you after that. (Jahatnya)
Vlog- Ohmy! Today post, after three days, the viewers hit until 100k guys. Only a few days. It proven that everyone do more watching than reading. Bom, you be a famous youtuber. Then you get an award. hm :)

#4 Item needed
No item no (vb)log. 
Blog- Simple, you just need laptop/computer and wifi with high speed line. Thats all then you become a blogger. Done. 
Vlog- if you dont have all this, please dont be a vlogger. Camera with large and clear zooming and focusing, (if not, viewers get angry), speaker to makes sound very clear, lighting most important, laptop for editing, big space memory, tandrive for save more videos and muka lawa( hahahaha joke please ignore hahaha) 

Alhamdullilah it comes to the end. Soo letih menaip. I pause my writing around three times, man because i need to do some work but still want to blog. Im so sorry, this is very long blog that i ever write. So i arranging neatly my writing, so your eyes wont be juling-juling when read this. 

If you likes it, please comment down below. If you dont like, just get out of my place ok. Please pardon my english terabur. Kalau nampak yang salah tu, tegur. So i know my mistakes. Thank you for your time to read this.